VC Coverage?

How common is it at BB/EBs to have dedicated VC coverage bankers? It appears that some do, some don't, which is surprising given the meteoric growth in the overall size of the VC asset class, number of uni- and deca-corns overall, and the percentage of those companies that stay private far longer than they used to.

If sponsor coverage makes sense / isn't redundant to the industry bankers covering the portfolio companies, why isn't VC coverage more established?

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kodi, what's your opinion? Comment below:

So we've had this discussion many times through the last decades. Someone almost always brings this up because they read about some great exit or some news article on Techcrunch, along with the magic ROI multiples.

- Some funds, i.e. SWFs, may have impact and VC type coverage teams, even down to geographic and sector level detail around the world
- VC units typically have a different appetite for risk; this is not always compatible with what the fund, IB BU would normally do
- VC normally requires a different kind of professional; the network of each individual is relevant to find the right document, person or background at the crucial moment in time - not always a given with regular IB folks

hamster, what's your opinion? Comment below:

As you just stated, not all equity private placements are VC and vice versa. As for the second paragraph, I've never heard of that

GoRedSox5, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Illo qui earum quo qui est. Eos quis optio placeat totam dignissimos ea cum. Illo nesciunt eligendi sed aut.

Temporibus qui temporibus et ipsa quo quod. Beatae non praesentium est. Aut laboriosam quod ad rerum nulla. Possimus quod sapiente aut in aut at non.

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