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Hi everyone!

I have to work on the task described in the picture for an internship at a VC firm. My only doubt is this one: in your opinion, what do they mean by "OEM" (Original Equipment Manufacturer)? Based on different definition it could be the final product (the e-cargo bike) as well as its components (engine, batteries etc.). In my opinion, they're asking me to find different e-cargo bike manufacturers given the two questions, but since I'm not sure I think it's better to double check with you.

Thank you in advance!


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kodi, what's your opinion? Comment below:

great question to ask for a VC spot.

they are only after electric cargo bikes, and only the EU market and only OEMs. so that gives a clean list without rebranded bikes etc. For them it's not necessarily the goal to have every single company on there, but the most important ones and their business models. Where is the profit? Which model might scale? Are they selling the battery? renting it? what do their partnerships look like?

this should show your thought process and whether it makes sense to have you on board.

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1sf, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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