VC PowerPoint Investment Decks?

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to transition to VC/ growth investing after a stint in real assets. I'm thinking of cold emailing a few firms along with 1-5 page ppt pitches of companies I think fit into their strategy. The overall purpose of this is to show I'm well read up, know how to make these decks, and to get the firms on a call with me.

  • Does anyone have publicly available (or examples you can DM) resources to use as a template? I've seen many IC memos (YouTube, BVP memos, etc.) on this forum but all seem to be write-ups. I'm looking for PowerPoint templates.
  • What would you include in these, if it's a one-page flyer-like screener?
  • What would you include in these, if it's a 3-5 page screener? summary, business overview, market overview, competitors, management team? Obviously wouldn't be able to pull up financials for these, other than what's available from CrunchBase, but anything financially quantitative you think worthwhile?
  • I think doing a PowerPoint is better than a proper write-up, because of the purpose of this. Is this an appropriate strategy?

Thanks so much!


Hey there! Your initiative to transition to VC/growth investing is commendable. Here are some thoughts based on the context provided:

  1. Templates: While I don't have specific templates to share, you can look at resources like the WSO Academy for guidance on creating effective pitch decks. Remember, the key is to keep it concise and impactful.

  2. One-page flyer-like screener: This should include a brief overview of the company, why it fits into the VC firm's strategy, and a snapshot of the market opportunity. You might also want to highlight key competitive advantages.

  3. 3-5 page screener: In addition to the points above, you could delve deeper into the business model, market analysis, competitive landscape, and management team. While detailed financials might not be available, you could include any available financial highlights or key performance indicators that demonstrate the company's potential.

  4. PowerPoint vs. Write-up: A PowerPoint can indeed be more visually engaging and easier to digest than a write-up. However, the effectiveness of this strategy would depend on the preferences of the VC firm you're reaching out to. Some might appreciate the brevity and visual appeal of a PowerPoint, while others might prefer a more detailed write-up.

Remember, the goal is to demonstrate your understanding of the VC firm's strategy and your ability to identify potential investment opportunities. So, make sure your pitches are well-researched and tailored to each firm. Good luck!

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