Assessment tests Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s Financial Advisor Associate Training Program

Hi everyone,
I am searching on the Internet to find any info about Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor Training assessment tests, but I do not find anything helpful. Most of the time people are bragging about themselves, how great they were and how easy it was, but nothing practical or helpful. I like to do my homework before I go into something new and I would definitely appreciate any help from recent trainees who took the actual Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor assessment tests online. What I hear is kind of confusing information. Some say topics are about finance, interest rates, etc. Others say get ready for numerical math and logic tests of the calculus level. Others say it mostly about percentages, ratios, charts, diagrams, etc. Some say prepare for actual Series 7 exam because questions will be just like on that exam, which in my opinion focuses a lot on actual stock market, exchanges, options, futures, stocks, bonds, etc. and preparing for this exam is happening during the Morgan Stanley training. And others say just prepare like you do for SAT and you will be fine. I don’t know whose info is legitimate. And I simply do not want to focus on wrong area for my preparation.
So, I would greatly appreciate if recent Morgan Stanley trainees can answer following questions below and it would give me an idea of what I need to focus on now before I take the assessment tests. I will be applying to one of the California Morgan Stanley branches and if you took your tests in California your help would be even better.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Please reply to the following questions:

1. How many tests there are (how many sections), what areas they cover and in what order they are given?

2. How many questions for each section?

3. What level of difficulty and what topics? And maybe one or two example of the problems for each section to help me recognize the topics and level of difficulty and know what to prepare for.

4. Is it timed?? If yes, then how much time for each section. Basically how many minutes does one have for one question? And if you run out of time then what?

5. What percentage of the correct answers will make one pass each test?

6. Any materials or info you can suggest for preparation. Anything that would be helpful for practice.

7. Any other advise..

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I recently got tapped for this, can you elaborate on the 'bitch' aspect? Any good or all bad? Those who last seem to be doing well, how does it differ from pwm or pb?

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The online tests are personality tests. They are designed to see if you are outgoing, social and would be good at prospecting clients and raising assets. The fiat test, is basic economic and finance tests, it is used to see if you can past the series 7. MS, ML, Wells Fargo, they are all the same, its about assets under management, you will not actually start managing money until your fourth year, 1st 3 is all about client prospecting. Top FAs can make over a million a year, however it is hard to get that level and the hours are long, not as long as banker hours but during the first three years 8am-8pm is normal. Its a great career after you have a huge book and many top FAs take multiple months of vacation time and make a solid money. BUT in the end is all about sales.


Hi, I just took the first 2 parts of this assessment. The first part is a 30 minute timed logic exam with stupid shapes and fill in the blanks. There are 25 questions, and they get progressively harder. The beginning ones are a joke, true-false statements with logic statements. Then comes some very tough pattern recognition problems with shapes and numbers. They are do-able, there were only 2 that I was baffled by and didn't come up with the for-sure right answer.

Then there is another 45 min - hour "day-in-the-life" section. They give you video scenarios seeing how you would respond to emails and conversations with co-workers and clients. It was actually very cool and insightful, very well done.


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