Deloitte Financial Risk and Regulatory Advisory?? Good service line?

Hi first post and just looking for some advice/opinion since its been a bit hard to find on Google,

I've been interviewing for the Deloitte Grad Program (Sydney based) and just completed my partner interview. 

The business line i was interviewing for was more specifically Financial Risk and Regulatory Advisory. 

From my understanding, many of their other "Risk Advisory" service lines is just internal audit and controls work and is boring AF but the specific service line I was interviewed for seems to be more interesting and about building risk models, and advising clients implementing regulatory changes. The interviewers also came from strong finance backgrounds. The senior manager interviewer was ex IB from overseas and also worked Accenture whilst the partner worked for one of the big4 commercial banks here in Australia and APRA.

Just wondering what sorta exit opps exist and would you say choose this career path over an offer at a IB's Operation grad program. I think my goal right now is to end up in institutional/corporate banking. But the main thing is hoping its not audit lol cause I do have an accounting major along with finance. 


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Apr 6, 2022 - 10:55am
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