Need some insight on my Internship situation Please

Hi everyone. I am someone who is very interested in the stock market and have traded for almost two years (lost a ton of money) but that doesn't matter. Once i discovered the market, stocks, investing, etc. i really gravitated toward it. Currently, I'm in a nontarget school, and i know that internships are everything if you want to get a job in finance essentially as an analyst, and to go the traditional route. I don't have any crazy credentials or clubs and arent the best student either. This year would be the summer i look for internships. However, I recently met someone who works in wealth management at a top-name bank and decided he wanted to see my resume and we spoke about a potential internship he had available on his team. This isn't like traditional due to how the team members themselves find the interns and it makes the competition way smaller than summer positions. He basically said that it would be mostly bitch work and administrative stuff, nothing crazy or interesting. The internship would be around 9-10 months going in around 3 days a week while being a full-time student. So my year would be extremely packed. The guy who offered this to me did this himself while in college. He said his GPA did tank, but he was getting a ton of interest on Linkedin and others for positions since he had real experience at a top-name bank. I am wondering if this is worth taking, even though I don't have any interest really in doing what he's doing in wealth management. But it is good on the resume and might give me an upper hand when looking for investment banking and the like internships even with a lower GPA and might go lower while doing this no? I just really need some insight because this would be a big commitment.

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