PWM opportunity advice: Is owning the trading and execution of a boutique a worthwhile job?

Looking for some PWM advice on if this opportunity is worth it, and if so.. worth what?

boutique PWM firm >100AUM. i've confirmed via SEC filings that they've grown AUM by 80% over past 3 years. 

They are eyeing me for an inv ops position to do DD and pick their next trading platform, completely own trade execution, bring new ideas, DD on existing portfolios/accts, and be responsible for all trades for their FA guys. The job title did nor description did not capture this as they're still working on defining the needs of the position. not sure what to pin this type of role as. They are aiming to build out IM in the future which seems like this is a promising position to be in to lead.

Any ideas on if this sounds similar to things you've seen? what's the compensation for a role like this? Is it something directly transferable to other finance roles?

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