Small PWM Internship or Internship for Incredibly Small Boutique?

Hi Fellow Chimps,

I currently need help deciding which internship I should do. My end goal is to pursue a career in Valuation/IB or Middle Office (if I want nicer hours). The two offers I have are:

  • Small PWM Firm --> I can intern for a firm with about 115 million AUM, but I would primarily be doing admin work and helping them with back office/middle office jobs. There is some opportunity to get involved with the asset management/portfolio management aspect. The firm mainly does financial planning.

  • Small IB Boutique --> Firm has one employee (the founder) and I am involved with helping him with his consulting role. He is helping a Block-Chain Start - Up, and my responsibilities will include researching business models, utilizing PitchBook to send emails, and "financial modeling" - which is just plugging in numbers into excel.

Please let me know what you guys think!

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Jun 17, 2018 - 11:05pm
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