Wealth Management vs. Corporate Finance

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I am a recent graduate (June 2021) and I have been working as a full time as a trading operations analyst in a small wealth management firm (think 2 billion AUM). It has been about two months, and there seems like there is no room to grow, at least from my perspective. I thought it would be the opposite since it was a small company that was growing quickly. I received a late offer for a FLP in a F500 company. The rotational program is set to start on February 2022 (in about 5 months give or take). I am kind of stuck in choosing career paths. Should I stay in the wealth management route and get pigeon holed into operation roles, or should I go into corporate finance and get the change to be in a FLP ?  

In terms of salary, the wealth management firm is paying me 60k, while the FLP would be paying me 70K base salary with relocation aid help every 6 months. If I take the FLP I will have the chance to rotate every 6 months to a new location and position which is interesting. I want to take the position that leads to better growth opportunities in the future and a better salary. Also, how bad would it look it if I quit the wealth management firm after 8 months of only working there. Is it worth it burning the bridge? 

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It's all about where you want to be long-term. WM and Corp Fin are 2 pretty different paths.

Also, 8 months and dipping is not the worst. Would it be burning bridges, maybe for this firm, but plenty of other WM firms to go back to if needed.

In my opinion, I would take the FLP as you will get exposure to different departments and find your niche you never knew you'd like, AND you go to different areas which is pretty cool.

Tuskgg1, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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