10 YEARS OLD: Commodity Talent LLC Says Thank You!

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Commodity Talent LLC, a global executive search focusing on commodity roles across markets, strategies, front-to-middle-back offices, is celebrating its tenth birthday in January, 2019. It's never been dull - and the past decade has been an unparalleled opportunity to learn and meet an endless parade of bright, enterprising people dedicated to ever-changing markets and unceasing efforts to stay one step ahead.
So, we would like to give back, in broad strokes, some of the most important lessons we have gleaned dealing with more than 1,000 candidates, more than 100 clients over the years. Most of the thinking in three brief White Papers is common sense and likely all or some of these thoughts have occurred to our readers. But perhaps it will be useful to see it laid out. We hope so!
And, of course, we are available for individual consultations.
George H.Stein, CFA
Managing Director, Commodity Talent LLC

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Jan 2, 2019