2 year Analyst at Fam Office - Next Moves?

I'm a second year analyst at a MF family office in a primary market. I do a fair amount of quant work, modeling, and deal sourcing but a lot of my day-to-day is operational. I handle tasks ranging from Asset Management to Entitlement, Legal, Team Management and more outside of my normal acquisitions work. Some may not like the extraneous tasks, but this is a positive to me personally because my goal is to start a fund in the future. This broad experience is extremely valuable.

The owner/CEO told me personally at my EOY review that his plans for me are to become the COO of the company down the line, and I am held in a high regard as a rising star at the office. It is a fairly small shop, so I don't necessarily have much "competition" anyways. I work 50+ hour weeks and my salary/bonus structure seem really competitive from compensation threads I have seen.

I am pretty much a mentee of the owner ($100M man) and he has really been active in developing me. I have contact every day with him and our CFO and have a seat at the table for the big discussions and meetings.

I'd like people's thoughts based on my stated position and end game.

What would be the best move? Stay for a few years and continue to learn alongside an incredible Entrepreneur? Go get an MSRE/MRED as soon as possible? Stay and then go for the MSRE? Try to jump to a more institutional role soon? Try to work for a big Syndicator who actually takes investor money? (most relevant to my future goals)

I am not sure that the next level (Associate) would be compensated as competitively as an Associate at a more institutional spot.

I am afraid of being inside a vacuum at this family office, but I think I've got a good gig for the time being. I feel like by either going to a bigger institutional office or to grad school I have more chances to meet like-minded individuals either for funding or partnerships for my own ventures.

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Jan 16, 2018

You have serious "grass is greener" mentality. Stay where you are, you listed almost no negatives to your current role.

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Jan 16, 2018

OP is:
heavily mentored
well compensated now and will be in the future
told by owner that he is C-suite material and is in the succession plan
exposure to c-suite
low hours
interesting work from an investment side

OP: what are my exits? I want to be a cog in a wheel somewhere else.

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Jan 16, 2018

Why is everyone here always looking for the "exit op" when they are literally in a perfect role? You're getting the best of both worlds with acquisitions experience as well as operational. Operational RE experience is extremely valuable especially if you want to start your own firm. Plus, you're getting paid well and seem to work with good people. You can just stay for awhile and climb the corporate ladder or eventually go out on your own when you're comfortable with your experience level.

You ARE at the Exit Op already

Jan 16, 2018

Yeah pretty much same sentiment as everyone else. As long as you stay in favour comp will not be an issue for you. Family Office types will not let anyone walk away for a couple of bucks. Forget a MSRED etc. I view it more as a way to break into a great role etc and not to transition from one job to the next. In your situation I would much rather have the "100m man" be part of your process. He showed his hand on where he sees you and wants you to end up. Now show your hand what it takes for you to walk down that path. Exposure to certain types of work /deals, comp etc. For comp I always view it as important to be realistic and know that its a process. You are happy now but concerned with future comp? I would not worry about that right now. If your bump to associate comes, he will give you your number and then you will see where it is and needs to go. To express feelings that future pay might be subpar will come across as greedy etc.

Jan 16, 2018

OP do you not know what you have?

Jan 16, 2018

Wow. I guess I didn't realize how well I have it. This is my first gig in investment real estate so I'm always wondering what life is like at other (more institutional) shops. By the feedback it sounds like analysts at these places certainly aren't treated with as much respect or given as much responsibility/autonomy.

It looks like going to a big name institutional firm would not be as fulfilling, or valuable for my end game (for a while at least).

Maybe I am too anxious to broaden my base quickly and gain exposure to a bigger pool of people/resources/experiences (there ARE a lot of exciting opportunities in an MSA like mine to my defense).

Jan 16, 2018