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So, I basically have 3 transcripts. One from my previous school (3.76 GPA: I transferred my sophomore year ). My current school has a business school and college of arts and science (CAS). During my 1st semester, I was in CAS (3.43 GPA) and in business school my 2nd semester (3.88 GPA). The 1st semester was pretty rough( non-academic reason), so I got a C in one of my class. I re-took the class next semester and got an A but that A is not reflective in my CAS GPA. If I take the avg of the A and C I will have above 3.53 CAS GPA. Will they care if I put 3.5 as my CAS cumulative GPA? Thank you so much.

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Jul 11, 2019

Calculate a cumulative GPA for your current school that includes all classes taken after transferring. If it's 3.5 or up use it and move on to networking/interview prep.

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Jul 11, 2019

Make sense. Thanks!

Jul 12, 2019

how u transfer into b-school w 3.4ish GPA?

Jul 12, 2019