This is a dark day for Wall Street.

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First and foremost please extend a prayer for the associate's family. This is so incredibly fucked and no one deserves to go through this. Secondly, I hope this is a wake-up call for many people in the industry. IB's culture quite frankly, to anyone outside of high finance, is psychotic. No one deserves to have 120 out of the 168 hours in their week be taken away from them for 4 weeks straight. There is a limit. Friendly reminder that no one should be putting their firm above their health- we are expendable and at the end of the day banks don't give a flying fuck about us. 

Rest In Peace and God Bless our Troops.

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Hopefully with enough media attention the senior bankers themselves will get held responsible. This is tragic


Not to mention at the year end holiday party the group head announced and congratulated the people who received the most Saturday exceptions / 100 hour weeks as if that is something to be admired and strive for. Absolute clowns.

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If everything I have read about this situation is true, I am absolutely floored by how something like this was not addressed before something terrible like this happened. So from what I can piece together, basically it seems juniors log hours and then a combination of the group staffer, deal team, HR, group head and group operational leader become aware of terrible hours. Does this mean literally all these people saw this poor guy get this crushed and just did nothing the entire time? At my old firm, you could see junior hours by either their key card swipes at the office or how long their account was logged into the network too so someone had to have tracked that data as well no? I used to work at one of the more sweaty groups on the street and even there people got sent home to catch up on some sleep when they were pushed this far...


Agree. Less than 6 months ago, still as an Associate, I was logging 100-120 hrs per week for a period of 3-4 weeks. All alarms went off at my firm (a “sweatshop” not BAML). Head of my group called me directly to take time off. HR set up a call with deal teams MDs. VPs called me to find a solution: they covered for me not only while I took time off, but for few additional weeks in a specific deal so I would not be back at 100+ hrs after taking time off.

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If you are related to the team, I have the contact information to the Yahoo Finance (Reuters) group that would really appreciate speaking to you. They wanted me to act as an intermediary. I don't personally have the reach to make a change in this industry, but you do because to your position and relationship with the associate. I'm doing everything I can to best get the message out, but there still needs to be those with a first hand account to give their insight for the reporters. If not, I completely understand, it is a difficult thing to ask, I only hope that no one has to go through what he did. Please direct message me and I'll relay your information to the reporter. Thank you, I hope you the best no matter your decision.

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First of all, prayers for this man and his family and loved ones. This situation is absolutely sickening.

For the rest of us, this should be a major wake up call that this industry needs serious change. Things were clearly taken to the extreme over at BofA given the serious incompetence and lack of empathy shown by leadership, but as we all know, this type of BS is present to some extent across the street. We need to use this as an opportunity to draw attention to these types of conditions and push for real change. The fact that a man was worked to his death, in a white collar job, in America, in the 21st century is ludicrous and a case study in everything that’s wrong with this industry and our society’s relationship with work in general.

Let’s make some noise about this at each of our respective banks, let’s push back when we feel our dignity as human beings is being trampled and let’s do everything in our power to ensure this never, ever happens again.

P.S. to any undergrads / MBA students reading these posts. This is the industry, it is that bad and don’t believe anyone that tells you otherwise (especially not recruiters / HR).


Not only that, he had spent 10 years as a Green Beret, now left behind a wife and a kid.

Imagine how the wife feels. They survived years of uncertainty with his military career - whether he was going to come back alive from his deployments. He retired from the military & got a great white collar job - it was supposed to be the happily ever after for his family. Only for him to die there.

Now his wife has to attend a funeral, no BofA SGLI payout. Can't wrap my head around the twisted irony of this.

Absolutely horrible, an investigation needs to happen.


Deleting comments disparaging a deal team who should literally be sued for wrongful death is pathetic - does not even remotely disrespect the family’s privacy, in fact it’s actively censoring. Smh


100% , but the general public still views Wall Street and bankers as “Evil” little do they know the bonuses have been dog shit and wages are equivalent to working at fucking chipotle for the hours that you work


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