How to strike without being fired.

I know everyone is riled up and ready to give management the finger, but I URGE all BoA juniors to think rationally about this. Firstly, l as well as I think most WSO members are on your side and agree with you. What happened was 100% avoidable and there needs to be accountability on a senior level. Shit needs to change and majorly.
That said, you will get fired if you just don't log in or notify people. It's in your contract most likely that if you don't come into work for XX days you voluntarily resign. That means no job, no severance, no shits given by management as they'll just hire the other guy just recently laid off from (insert one of a dozen banks that laid off in the last year). You need to strategize this properly.
If what people are saying is true, yall haven't taken much vacation days in a while, so use your damn PTO. Email your staffer, seniors, AND HR, explicitly saying you are emotionally distraught with what occurred and need mental health time off. This loophole will legally protect you, and will be exploitable for an unlimited amount of juniors (if you just take time off, staffer can claim you can't since xxxx amount of juniors already called in off). It's the only leverage you have.

By emailing HR, you're putting the company on notice that you are taking time for mental health reasons, something they love to claim they support. If you're fired for this, it's vanilla retaliation and a lawsuit. Management will be screwed if a large chunk of you studs takes a week or two off for mental health reasons, leaving them with the smooth brain juniors and desperate interns. The chaos you can sow while reporting this massive issue will undoubtedly also further your cause as it'll likely build more to a news article story.

Things need to change. Godspeed.


I think this is the case. Wonder what is actually going on with juniors at bofa - if there is no centralized leadership with the strike its gonna be a shitshow and i dont want any more ppl to get hurt from this bullshit


I’m on the side of people who do their jobs.  

And I have respect for those who go on strike and own it, even though I’m not on their side.

No respect for those who take a vacation day and call it a strike.  Come on now.  You’d be stealing less valor if you wore a Navy Seal shirt to the gym every day.


Dear OP,

As the person who authored this post last night, I am totally fine with you reposting given how WSO took it down DESPITE NOTHING WRONG BEING SAID. 

Fellow juniors, WSO is clearly trying to appease BoA, NOT THE FAMILY, as my post had nothing to do with giving out details on the deeased.


No way strikes are gonna happen lol

In this market no one wants to be out of a job. All it does it leaving a digital trace, giving the company probable cause to fire you.

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Nothing really happens other than singing anger songs on WSO anonymously. People are outrageous when they’re on their phones, and when they set foot in office they turn back into little cowards who bury their heads in their workstations.

Things like this has happened multiple times. People died on their banking job every couple of years. Nothing changed. No reform, no strike, not even a mention of it after the trendy WSO posts get phased out.


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