30 years old female MBA candidate?

My husband has been studying for the GMAT. Since I don't have a full time job, I've been studying with him to keep him motivated. I took a few practice exams with him. To my surprise, I've consistently scored very well..780+. I always preform better on the quant section than the verbal section. So now, my husband has been trying to persuade me to go to school with him and get a MBA. After reading around this forum, it seems 30 is a bit old? Is being female a disadvantage or an advantage? What are some schools I can consider with an uneventful personal and educational background. What are some career paths for me after I graduate?

No name state university
3.2ish GPA - might be higher.. I honestly can't remember
Doubled Major in Econ and Chem
30 years old
GMAT 780ish - assuming the practice tests are similar to the real deal
Most recently worked in Commercial Lending

My husband is aiming for a top 5 school. Any schools near top 5 schools that I may target? What are some resources for me to do some more research on business schools? My husband has been giving me very biased information. Getting a MBA has never crossed my mind until now, so just a bit lost about where to start.

Thank you for any feedback and insights!

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