A casual reminder (for the few that need it) that plenty of posts on here are from teenagers and fools

Most of you probably already know this, in which case I'm stating the obvious and you're not the target audience.

I like occasionally skimming this forum for the trending posts of the last month (came on here more frequently during undergrad), but I'm always surprised when I see people relying on WSO for important information/perspectives and taking most of the responses they get at face value. Just a casual PSA for anyone who hasn't caught on: the vast majority of people here are not worth listening to. I've seen so many strictly inaccurate comments on everything from recruiting to prestige to career paths to the fundamentals of investing that it's crazy. I assume there was always this much misinformation and I was just naive back in the day, but please take most of what you hear on here with a grain of salt. There are some nuggets of gold for sure (that brofessor guy has excellent advice for example) and WSO can still be an amazing tool if you use it correctly, but using it correctly means remembering half the time the person responding to your post is probably 19.

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