A finance grad looking into IT then to moving to quant, feasible?

Hi guys, it's gonna be a bit long story, bear with me.

I'm a BSc grad, class of 2013 from one of top-30 university worldwide with FRM holder status and level 1 CFA, and have dreamt to be a hedge fund manager for a long time.
I'm 25 now which I feel is quite old, and I want to get this career progression as fast as possible.
I'm posting this discussion to beg for practical advices. (yes, BEG. I'm desperate)

After graduation, I've got 7-months prop trading experience in prop-shops in London;
2-month intern, 4-month full-time (this is where I was sacked) and 1-month intern again,
and I'm between jobs since April 2014 (now mid- August 2014).

While working in the prop shops, I found myself becoming more interested in and enthused to quant (quant analysis & trading) which requires strong software skills. So, after I left my last position, I took initiative and mastered VBA, C, and Matlab to build a quant trading model which I'm currently running on my personal trading account for a couple of months (profitable).

I then made a huge number of applications to quant analyst positions with the excel files of my quant trading model attached, and only very few invited me for an interview, which then was taken by other PhD candidates.

Being desperate, I joined a 1-month certification programme for 'Machine Learning' held by one of the Ivy league uni, so I found this pretty helpful in my quant job hunting, making me look much more relevant in employers' eyes.

NOW, I think i just couldn't spend my time in vain (actually not strictly 'in vain' because I established a quant model and learnt programming languages that can be helpful in my career. Anyway, keep going-), I'm in a recruitment process of an IT position (grad application support analyst) where I'll be exposed to and will have a chance to learn software and coding languages. The IT company introduced itself having a range of giant IBs as their clients, which I am most probably working with.

My plan now is to have a couple of years (or 1.5 year) of experience in the IT firm as a bypass, building up a practical coding experience, then I'll be back as a quant. I can't (and will NEVER ever) give up my dream, a hedge fund manager.

FYI, I don't afford MSc, my GPA is 3.7/4.0 which is not eligible to scholarship (I obtained FRM and level 1 CFA during my undergrad, which might be the main reason I can't get 4.0 - might not be a good excuse, i know. but I wanted to do everything about finance; certifications, personal investing and so on and a bit distracted from school papers)

Anyway, back on the topic, my question is;
"is that feasible for a BSc finance graduate to finally land in a quant trader position after a couple of years of IT experience as an application support analyst?"

Any comment will be much appreciated!
Thank you in advance!