Accepted into MSF Program. Just need to submit GRE. To study longer or just take test to get it over with ? No minimum score required.

Hello all, 

I would really appreciate if I could get advice. 

I was recently accepted into Georgetown's MSF program. My acceptance is conditional that i submit a GRE score by January and my official transcripts when I finish my UG. I do not need to get a minimum score on the GRE. 

So my question is do i study more for this exam or just take it and get it over with ? 

 if I study for the GRE for another month ( which is the only time i have left) I do not have sufficient time to master all Quant concepts 

 I would much rather spend my time familiarizing and learning finance and accounting concepts instead. 

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Nov 8, 2021 - 8:04pm

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