Advice needed, I'm making a software to make economic activity can happen

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I am currently developing an alternative economic system and would love to know how you think about it.

The idea was to provide an ecosystem where economic activity can happen in it, without being interfered with /regulated by the current capitalism+nation setting. A system that part of it will rely on peer-to-peer technology for censorship-resistance other crucial deliverables needed for the project, such as programmable contract and inherent currency. I am also thinking about an ID system supporting a higher level of cooperation and weighted democracy, and other performance enhancement, such as privacy protection using zero-knowledge proofs.

In short, its current form is an online software (it's in beta). The infrastructure of the transaction and most of the scripting was provided by a blockchain-based platform called Ethereum. Now it can: create financial services such as banks, investment services and set the rules by themselves. I have designed a visual programming language to make it easy for people that don't code. The system can also generate a mechanism on demand that might provide job opportunities. Currently, I only have enough time to develop an agent-based sales system. There is also a mechanism that allows people to make derivatives and other financial instruments, but it's not completely done yet.

I am looking forward to discussing the idea with people that would be interested in what this system stands for, and coming up with more idea and feature to put in there.

Just like how Wei Dai put it in his famous b-money essay: "A community is defined by the cooperation of its participants, and efficient cooperation requires a medium of exchange (money) and a way to enforce contracts."

Let me know if you are interested.

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Mar 24, 2020