advice on easy courses at Wharton undergrad

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Hey guys,

I will be going to Wharton as an exchange student next spring and I was hoping if any wharton undergrad or exchange student could give me some advice on what courses to take. What I have in mind is to take easy classes that don't require a lot of work, so I can have more time to meet people and do other activities outside of class.

So far, I have registered for negotiations which seems quite interesting and meets my low difficulty requirement. Marketing courses, in general, seem to be the easiest based on pennreview, although they put a lot of weight on assignments and group projects which kinda sucks for me. I'm also considering taking FNCE100, as an introductory course it seems easy based on the syllabus.

Any recommandations will be much appreciated! And along with that any advice about on-campus housing, food or things to do will be appreciated as well!

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Dec 26, 2018