Advice on school decision for master's program (student-athlete)

Hi all,

I'll start by providing some information that I think you should know to help guide me/provide your opinion/insight(s) into my situation. Thank you all in advance, always appreciate the community's insights. 


  • I am a senior and student-athlete at a top 15 ranked school.
  • I have one year of athletic eligibility left which I plan to use and get a 1-year master's degree along the way. However, I like the idea of going to a different school next year. 
  • I am curious what schools would be best for a career in finance. Would hope for some optionality to NYC. Don't want to get too regionally pigeonholed.
  • I have an internship for this summer at a boutique Investment Bank in Boston. 
  • I hope to start in investment banking as an analyst at a top shop once I am done with school. 
  • Note: Please disregard the athletic component of this process.
    • Luckily, I am good at my sport so I will have options.
    • The team will be important, but I do not need guidance here.

Schools I am considering:

These all have intriguing master's programs that are business or finance related. 

Notre Dame, Michigan, Northwestern, Virginia, Duke, BC, USC, UCLA, Cal, UNC 

These are all incredible schools, and you cannot really go wrong with any of them. I almost feel guilty writing this as I know that some would say I am very lucky. Though, I do want to set myself up best for my career. So, if any standout to you as a particularly great option, please let me know.

Thanks again. 

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Dec 6, 2021 - 6:03pm

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