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Is this possible? In about two to three years I'll be applying to B School. I realize coming from a non-target, preparation begins now and I want to be at the forefront of becoming a competitive applicant for target schools. Interested in PE (think BX) or what I'm doing now, the Asset Management (think PIMCO) side of things upon graduation.

My stats:

Undergrad in Finance from non-target (3.92 / 4.00)
Analyst internship at Student Managed Investment Fund
Analyst internship to Full-Time analyst position at a well known, large pension fund in private markets (three months in)
CFA L1 complete during undergrad, L2 in June. Expect to complete CFA before applying
Practice GMAT at 710

Generally, I'm thinking of M7 schools, some top 15 on the list, but am curious to hear what everything thinks. Will high GPA / GMAT offset a non-target? What sort of volunteer/professional experience could I use to bolster my credentials (and would this even offset my resume / non-target) and tell a good story while I still have time? Would consider moving from current position to new firm in a year or so.

I was also the President of a national finance organization student chapter focused on minorities in business (I should mention I'm Hispanic) - considering attending its professional meetings in the area to show a complete story and long-term dedication. Would this be viewed more so as professional or volunteer experience considering there are volunteer events with the org?

Thanks in advance for your insights.

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Oct 21, 2014

if you can get a high GMAT (730+), you're essentially a lock for M7 as a URM

Oct 21, 2014

Would you happen to have any insight on how competitive it is for URM? Ex. range in gmat scores is probably lower, but by 5%, 10%, etc? Do more "qualitative" stories make up for "quantitative" scores/GPA/undergrad ranking?

Thanks for the feedback.

Oct 21, 2014

As a non-target, you'll need a killer GPA (which you have) and a killer GMAT (ideally above the 80th percentile, so aim for 750). Also, it seems like you'll have a name brand resume seeing as you cited you work in AM for a company like PIMCO, which is also huge. The URM is a major boost as well.

Obviously all things being equal coming from a target would be better, but you have a ton going on for you and assuming you execute in your job and craft good essays, etc. you would definitely be competitive.

I'm a HUGE non-target (like beyond non-target) that is in a M7 now. Good luck.

Oct 21, 2014

Thanks for the good feedback, it's nice to hear someone has made it on the path I'm going down. Could you give some more color on your story? For example, how did you craft coming from a non-target into a strength? Experience and work ethic?

I think my firm's "brand name" might be more regional than national, but it's not unknown and our department specifically is nationally known for performance. I'm also from a HUGE (like Pluto) non-target that the firm doesn't recruit from and hope my GPA isn't diluted due to my "brand names." Hopefully this is enough to be competitive in the eyes of admissions? I'm hoping that paired with my involvement in the organization mentioned above, CFA, and good scores I'll remain competitive versus someone that was equally qualified and target.

Oct 21, 2014

yeah you'll be fine.

Oct 21, 2014