Hey guys,

I enrolled to a recruiting process for a Bulge Bracket in IB as an Intern Analyst in Mexico City and got selected from the big pool of CV's (you know how these processes are).

The first round of interviews are about to start in a few weeks. I'M TRULY CONVICED that I want to follow this path in my career and I'd like to state it clear since the begining, so definetly, I don't want to screw it up. Any advise/ recomendation/ opinion??

... I got a B.A in Financial Management and since then got a few experience (4 yrs in the financial sector, but never in IB) and I want to perform the correct approach in every set of interviews to the aforementioned process, in this case, for a latam division.


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Proofreading is a big part of IB; make sure to do so

Investment Banking Interview Course

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