AFC English or Finance in Italian?

I did bief (taught in english) at bocconi and I have just got admitted to afc (taught in english). My aim is getting in IB in a bb in London possibly (Milan is fine although). I have the possibility to go to finance (taught in Italian). Should I remain in afc eng or change to finance ita? Is it better to have on the cv afc eng or finanza? Will this move be seen as a downgrade from an international course in undergraduate to an italian one for master?

Thank you guys!!!

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May 31, 2021 - 1:19pm

Dude how can someone see it as a downgrade if they can never know it in the first place. Even for Milan your CV is usually in English and Finanza is Msc Finance. Moreover when you apply using the JobGate, companies only receive an email with your cv/cl attached. No database or whatsoever with GPA, Course choice etc. If you wanna do finance do finance

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