After you have got your MBA offer

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Say you get your offer for an MBA program in September, you have around 9 months before you start your program.
Once you have your offer can you just quit your job and try something different?
Does it matter what you do?
Say you got your MBA offer and then for the next 9 months you go somewhere hot and chill on a beach. Would that be bad?

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Jan 15, 2020

A few of my classmate did that, not necessarily for 9 months, but many quit ahead and traveled, did pre-mba internships, etc. If you can take the financial hit, I don't see why not

Jan 15, 2020

That is so awesome.
9 months would be a stretch but my plan would be to quit my job and then do pre mba internships or experiment with different ventures in the field I want to go into and then fuck around for a few months.


Jan 16, 2020
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