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Is this an actual hedge fund or is it just an advisory shop? I have an interview with them soon for a hedge fund research analyst role. Anyone know about Aksia? Like hours, culture, pay, Interview Process (degree of techs asked, other questions, what i need to know, etc.). Anything will help. Thanks!


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Jan 23, 2013

It looks like it's FoF.

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Jan 23, 2013

any insight on their interviews?

Oct 14, 2014

any insight on their interviews?

BBnkr, any insight on the interview? Did you get and accept the job? I'd PM you but I don't have the requisite bananas....

Jan 23, 2013
May 18, 2013


Sep 30, 2013

@BBnkr10 - How was the interview? Are you working at the firm now? I have just applied for a position in London, would be great if you can give some more insight on the company.
Many Thanks!

Oct 3, 2013