Already at Top 3 I.Bank (MS, GS, JPM). Do I want an MBA?

Hello WSO,

Not completely new here, but first post. Basically after a LOT of work and many ups and downs I managed to secure a position as an i banker at one of the top three after graduation (perhaps one day I'll write my "success story"). Before I start with them later this year, I am currently studying for the GMAT as I now consider that with a good score I actually have a shot at getting into one of the top 5, and the score is valid for 5 years.

While researching I found that so many people want top MBAs to be able to have a shot at firms like the top 3 i banks. I can't find much about people from these firms who want to get one. I was curious to know what you guys think about going for a top 5 MBA 4-5 years down the road considering that I am already in.

Consider variables like going for PE vs staying in the bank, short term advancement vs long term credentials... etc.

Thanks guys!

**My UG school was in Boston but it is not a prestigious school like Harvard or MIT, not even close to target.