Am I still in the running? Real Estate Capital Markets CMBS Analyst

Hi all,

Just need some practical advice to ease my nerves..

I have been in the running for an analyst position for a well known firm to work on their Real estate capital markets team that does CMBS lending. This opportunity was not publicly posted as I found out about this opportunity by a referral who passed my resume to the MD at the office and was then invited in for an interview early May(last month).

The interview went very well and they were thoroughly impressed at my qualifications and it sounded like it was a good fit. Fast forward a little bit... I actually ended up walking for UG graduation and went right on a 10 day vacation.

While on vacation they reached out and said that I was chosen 1 of 2 candidates to move to the next step to meet two of their superiors. I communicated I was out of the country and they were gracious in scheduling me to have a phone interview with 1 of the 2 superiors.

Ended up having the call with one of the superiors and I feel it went great, we talked for almost 2 hours and most of it was a free flowing conversation about industry topics and he actually gave me a lot of compliments about my character and wisdom. Again I felt i connected very well. He told me I would hear back the following week from the guys that first interviewed me for next steps in the process. Side note: he did say at the beginning of the call they just wrapped up a deal..

The call with the superior will have happened 2 weeks from this upcoming Thursday. And I have had 0 contact.

My Concerns:
I feel that me being out of the country allowed the other candidate to go do an in person interview and have an edge on me as I only was given a phone interview
Side note: The MD i interviewed with included in the email when i was on vacation one of his superiors (the one i didn't talk to yet) has traveling planned over the next few weeks..

I followed up with my original interviewers and the superior i spoke to last Wednesday and no response. I followed up with just the ones I met in person on Friday and no response.

Final thoughts:
I am struggling with determining if they are just giving me radio silence as a sign i didn't get chosen between me and the other guy, or if the other superior(who is the head of the entire division) I have yet to talk to still isn't back from traveling and they are waiting for him. I also wonder if I look bad sending 2 follow up emails without responses.

Any advice on your guys' thoughts on what i should do further and your analysis of why I am receiving radio silence right now.

Open to any questions.

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Jun 5, 2017

You don't look bad sending followup emails, but I would recommend picking up the phone. Was there a lead HR person you interacted with? That would be the person to call. If not, call the person you had the 2 hour phone call with. Simply say you're trying to stay on top of the opportunity and were under the assumption there would be a followup conversation/meeting.

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Jun 5, 2017

I never had to deal with HR, I went straight into an in person interview with the MD (whom I was recommended to by a reference) and a SVP. Would you think it is more appropriate to call the MD that I've met in person and initially or his superior who is in charge of the whole South West Region of Originations that I spoke to on the phone?

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Jun 5, 2017

Try the MD first since you interviewed with him. Quick call of "Hi John, this is financestudent49, how are you? I'm following up on our meeting from a couple weeks back. I really enjoyed meeting you and discussing the opportunity, and wanted to make sure I'm staying on top of the process."

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Best Response
Jun 5, 2017

*make sure to use your real name though. I've gotten strange looks for referring to myself as LB in work conversations. Now I only use it for Starbucks people

Jun 6, 2017

I was in a similar situation in Atlanta for an advisory underwriting position. 3 hour interview in shop, met around 11 people on the team, felt really great about the whole interview. Followed up with an email to everyone thanking them for meeting with me when I got back in town within the next couple days. Radio silence for at least a week, so I finally called. Narrowed down to 2 candidates, myself being 1 of them. Got the MD voicemail so I contacted someone I knew who had referred me to the position. They told me that the other guy hung around the next day to take the MD to lunch and had gotten the position based on that. My point being, while you can certainly over do with the emails, calls and in person contact means everything for target firms. Of course don't call every day checking the status, but if you haven't reached out yet outside of the interview, give em a call. If they choose the other guy, you will at least know and you can move on. Go get it!

Jun 7, 2017