Anyone here know anything of the Branch Internship at Morgan Stanley for Investment Management?

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Hey Guys,

I recently got offered a Branch Internship at Morgan Stanley and they told me I would be assisting in client interaction and also work on risk management on investment products such as those for retirement. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I would be REALLY doing aside from the fancy words and how this internship would look in the future on resume? Maybe comparisons to BlackRock Asset Management? I know that these internships are at a Branch so would it be viewed as somewhat in low value? Thanks!

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May 31,2011

youre working in pwm at a morgan stanley branch...nothing like blackrock asset management.

its a fine internship, but its value really depends on what year you are in school...and what you want to do when you graduate. if its your first internship experience it will be an alright experience, nothing crazy...

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May 31,2011