Applying for the MSc Finance Imperial, MSc Finance LSE and MSc Financial Economics Oxford

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Hi guys,

I was wondering whether you guys could give your 2 cents on my chances of being admitted to the following programmes:
- MSc Finance at Imperial Business (or Investment/Wealth Management since they are quite similar)
- MSc Finance & Mathematics at Imperial College
- MSc Finance at LSE
- MSc Financial Mathematics at LSE
- MSc Financial Economics Oxford Said

From the Netherlands and I have an Economics bachelor (7.5/10) and almost in possession of an Econometrics (basically only math/statistics) bachelor as well (8/10). I have quite some "social" ec (student society), but also work experience and IB internship for 4 months in the coming months. I also played sports (golf) at a national level.

Do some of you guys know how quantitative the Finance/Financial Economics masters are at Imperial, LSE, Oxford considering my background in econometrics?

Thank you for your time!