are elite boutiques similar to PE firms?

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at the very small, top notch boutiques like centerview, Greenhill, or Allen & Co the culture seems basically like a PE shop (small, analysts have lots of responsibility in deals, more reasonable hours relative to bulge brackets (heard that somewhere, don't know if it's true), very smart people, work on cool shit). just my perception: any truth to that?

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Jul 6, 2011

you're a fucking idiot...two different businesses

Jul 6, 2011

you're a fucking idiot...


Jul 6, 2011

talking work environments/cultures not exact daily can say that bain/BCG and berkshire/golden gate capital probably have similar cultures even though one is a consulting firm and the other is a buyout shop

Jul 6, 2011

Youre correct in your assumptions...however they are very broad ones at that.

We've got half a million shares in the bag!

Jul 6, 2011

yeah it's hard to pinpoint exactly what makes them very similar but i feel that they would be (obviously something like people are very smart can apply to everything from microsoft to exxonmobil)

Jul 6, 2011