As an analyst, do you get paid more your second year out of school?

Or do you maintain your first year salary ? Thanks

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Apr 3, 2021 - 10:57pm

My experience with pay bumps as a 2nd year pretty much echos the above comment. I started with no experience, 6 months in got a $5K base and 5 percentage point bonus inc. A year later got a $15K base and 10 percentage point bonus inc.

For reference, I'm at a small-ish (20+ employee) family shop with $800 million AUM. Small aside since family shops can be hit or miss, but I'm incredibly happy that no family members actually work at the company (they're board members), thanks to the founder barring family employees before he died in the 80's.

Apr 5, 2021 - 6:21pm

You should minimally expect a COLA. I'm also curious about salary bumps for experienced roles, I started working at my small firm in Oct (got a prorated bonus which was unexpected and nice) and am curious what other people see for associate/post-MBA roles. 

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