Asian Venture capital firm to US VC

Hi everyone,

How likely would it be for me to jump from mid-size Asian (Japan, Korea, Singapore) VC (AUM 200M-500M) to similar size Mid-tier US VC in silicon valley or Boston? My end goal is to work in a US biotech VC. Should I rather join an elite HC botique (Clearview, Putnam, CRA, LEK) focusing on HC CDD?

I will be working in north american HC investments at the Asian VC.

I have a specialized biotech advance degree from the US (non-target school).


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Apr 23, 2020 - 8:24pm

There are some firms that invest in Asian countries out of their US office - e.g. Mayfield. There are others that invest in Asia albeit under a separate identity - e.g. Lightspeed China/India, Sequoia China/India.

You could, in theory, jump over to a US VC as their resident emerging markets/Asia expert. Or, you could jump to something like Lightspeed China or Sequoia India then see about moving to the US office. Note that these are only possible if you network like crazy AND have a great track record.

For mid-tier firms, I'd probably say it's possible. You'd just have to network which could be tough. Are you a US citizen? The "possible" goes down to "near impossible" if you aren't a citizen or have something like being on the Midas list under your accomplishments.

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