Asking for b-school recommendation 1 year into job?

Hi All,

I am currently a 2nd year Analyst at a top BB in the Treasury dept. in NY and am looking to enroll in b-school fall 2020 and thus start applying fall of next year (2019). I am currently shopping around for my next gig and hope to start by this summer. I've been asked to stay on as an Associate and know I could get great recommendations from my current VP and MD if i do so. My concern is when I switch to a new job, I will essentially need to ask my new team for recommendations a year into the role and they will know that i will be leaving in another year

Now I know this is a fairly common occurrence - 2+2 > MBA, but I am not in the IBD/ PE space. Should I mention that I intend to go to b school in 2 years in the interviews? Has anyone asked for recs from people they've only known a year? Any advice would be appreciated

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Apr 2, 2018

I wouldn't mention you plan to attend bschool in 2 years while interviewing especially if's not one of the "typical" 2+2 pre-MBA jobs (i.e. IB, PE, Consulting). I honestly don't think asking for a rec after ~1yr is a big deal.

There's bschool students who were in their last jobs less than 2 years which implies that they probably asked for a LoR even before the 1 year mark.

Apr 3, 2018

valid concerns and yeah you must feel it to see whether your new job supportss

May 8, 2018

Bump.. anyone else have any experience with this? Considering applying ED/ R1 so will need Recs fairly earlier in the process

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May 8, 2018

Haha definitely don't mention that you are planning on quitting in 2 years as you are interviewing with other companies.

As for the other question, I did something similar and worked at my last company for 1.5-2 years before leaving for my MBA. I had a mentor from this most recent company write one recommendation, and then a boss from my previous company who I had known longer wrote my second.

Also, I was very careful who I told about my MBA decision. While some people will obviously be supportive, you don't want to get passed over for promotions/new opportunities at your current company because your bosses know you are applying to business school and are leaving in a year. I told the one person who wrote my recommendation letter and asked him to keep it between us, and then let everyone else know when I was ready to quit. Others handle it differently, but just try to get a feel for your company culture before telling everyone.

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May 8, 2018

Got it -Noticed you said mentor, im assuming that wasn't your direct boss, I know many top business school's prefer rec's from current supervisors - did you have to address this at at all in your application?

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May 8, 2018

He was my boss but then transferred to a different group by the time he wrote the letter. I don't recall if I explained that in my applications or not, but probably safer to. Most applications have an optional essay where you can discuss one-off things like that.

May 9, 2018

Don't mention in your interview your intention to apply to bschool in one year.

Our clients have asked supervisors for recs if they have been in a job for one year of less. It happens. It's not a problem. You should be able to show what you're made of in one year.

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May 10, 2018

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