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Aug 4, 2014

Yes I did an internship with them awhile back. Not a good experience. pm me for more details

Feb 27, 2015

Hi Flo,

Could you send me some details about the experience?

Mar 7, 2016

hi may have more details about your bad experience. received an offer from them!

Nov 7, 2017

HI Vincgaki, did u take their offer? Would u mind sharing ur experience? It'd be great if we could get in touch, I promise not to steal more than a few minutes of your time :)

Nov 7, 2017

Hi Flo35, is there any chance we can get in touch? I'd like to ask u about ur experience at Athos, if u don't mind. Thank u

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Jan 17, 2019

Hi Flo, how was the case study interview with the company? thanks

Aug 4, 2014

Just did. Thanks!

Aug 5, 2014


Aug 5, 2014

Did an internship with this company. 2 interviews and 1 case study. The case study was very time consuming. Not a very good internship experience either. You should go for a larger outfit if you want exposure with fund placement.

Aug 5, 2014

What was your experience like? With regards to deal flow, I've had a look at their Preqin data and mandates fulfilled and it's pretty strong for a young company.

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Nov 7, 2017

Hi Monkey78, i wonder whether we could chat re your experience @ Athos? How may I contact u? I'd be really grateful! thanks

Jan 17, 2019

Hey, how was the case study with the company please? thanks

Aug 28, 2018

Hi everybody. I am just in the recruiting process of Athos Partners in Monaco, and very keen to know what you guys think? Monkey78, is it possible that you might share some information about the company? Candido, have you accepted an offer and have some insights, too?

Thanks very much
Best regards

Sep 15, 2018

Hello, could any of you guys possibly share your insights on the interview, case study and your experience at Athos please? Thanks!

Jan 29, 2019

Would u mind sharing ur experience? It'd be great if we could get in touch.

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Jan 29, 2019

Would really appreciate a PM about your experience at Athos (even if it's just copied and pasted from what you've already sent other people!)

Feb 5, 2019