Last 2 years were pretty bad for the finance industry, with all the hiring freeze and limited headcounts. Those that graduated in 2011 and 2012 faced a tough time breaking into the industry. I went to mid-tier consulting instead and will be applying to B school in the future. I was wondering if B school applications will be less competitive, given that there will be less applicants with stellar IB experience (maybe I'll even try to apply for H/W/S). Or would B schools just enroll more foreign students with overseas IB experience (which is pretty sad). Or would they just cut enrollment and increase tuition cost?

Since no one really knows what will happen in the future, I'm just interested in hearing your opinions about B schools apps in the next few years. Historically, I wonder how schools have reacted to such situations. But my research have proved inconclusive partly bcos of the sharp increase in enrollment, tuition cost and foreign students since the last few spikes in fresh grads unemployment.

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my two cents: people with pedigree finance experience will face slightly "less" competition from others in the same field when applying, so they'll do okay.

I think business schools will also cast a broader net and look for people with interesting experience in "sexier" industries like tech, startups, and social entrepreneurship.

also curious to know what other people think.



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