Considering going back to school and curious what types of summer internship opportunities are typically available at top 25 schools.

Specifically, wondering about most common opportunities outside of management consulting, investment banking, and marketing at F500 companies. Would like some specifics, so if you were to answer "Asset Management," would like to know exactly what kinds of opportunities within asset management are common. Same with F500 companies.

I would imagine that the types of opportunities available at top schools are comparable, but I am specifically looking at Tuck, Kellogg, and Darden, so any knowledge specific to these schools would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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So to boil down your question it is, "What kind of jobs to MBAs get...specifically?"

I think this is going to be a little broad to get good answers. Below are a couple that I can rattle off from my friends at a school with very similar employment profile to the ones you listed. You can use google to get more specific, or maybe others here will be more charitable.

Corp. Finance (treasury, risk management, compliance)
Business Development
GM rotational programs
Internal Strategy (like consultants, but internal)
Project/product Management
Supply Chain Management

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