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Hey Guys,
How hard would you think it would be to overcome a bad grade in Finance (3rd semester UG)?
I recently got a bad grade (barely passed) on my exam in Finance, is pretty much the story.

Exams were crammed together (3 big written exams in 8 days), and working almost full time (completely my own fault). Our professor in Finance is a notorious ball-buster (fired and rehired a couple of times and the courseload is pretty big).

Still, that's not a valid enough excuse. I didn't get shit done, bottom line.

I have an overall high gpa (despite the bad grade), which is why i'm not worried on that front. As well as experience as a TA in another subject and job as a part time finance assistant for a company (although small). So I overall think I can make a pretty solid candidate.

....but how badly would this affect me when applying to FO positions at IB's? Do IB's generally look at overall GPA, and not at individual grades.
If I were at the other side of the table, I sure as shit would look at that particular grade and it wouldn't reflect well.

So my question is: Is BB IB totally out of the question now. And how could i possibly explain a bad grade in as imporant a course as Finance, with respect to IB.

(English isn't my native, so please pardon any grammatical errors).

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Feb 6, 2020

they will not look at your individual classes so you should be fine. They may however ask for your major GPA, which in said case could hurt you. Just don't put it on your resume if they don't ask and you'll likely be fine.

Feb 7, 2020

Perfect, thank you so much for replying

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Feb 7, 2020

I've had the opposite, actually. While your comment may be more common, I have had interviewers ask for transcripts and point out specific lower grades in core courses (why'd you get a certain grade in acct, fin, etc)

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Feb 7, 2020

I've also had 8 super days for SA 2020 at top banks and MF PE and never was asked this. Definitely your case is the exception and not the rule but pretty interesting.

Feb 7, 2020