Barcelona Recs?

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Looking to take a week off sometime in May and travel. Have been thinking about Barcelona, and was wondering if anyone has recommendations such as what part of the city to stay in (or even a good hotel recommendation), or things to do/avoid? I will be traveling with my girlfriend (f*ck me right) so keep that in mind. Feel free to pitch me on another city if you are anti-Barcelona. I just want an interesting place to go that has some sort of energy to it, I don't really feel like sitting on an island doing nothing for a week.

Should I look to check out some other cities while I'm over there? I am more of a "do one or two places" type of guy than a "go everywhere for one day" type of traveler, but I would like to see as much as I could.

Sorry if someone has already asked about Barca specifically, but I did not see any posts that really had anyone making any type of recommendations regarding it.

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Comments (5)

Feb 22, 2018

Stay in Gothic Quarter or El Born.

Also, check out a club called "City Hall"

Feb 23, 2018

+1 on those two areas

Feb 23, 2018

Fun club: Sutton
Good Paella: l'Arroz

Feb 23, 2018

Gothic Quarter is a very interesting part of the city to stay in, I highly recommend it. It is smack in the middle of the old-city putting you in close proximity to just about everything. There is history all around you in this area but also a ton of bars, restaurants, etc., and even a ~10 minute walk to the coast. Very cool architecture and narrow roads that to my understanding, only exist within the gothic quarter itself

Feb 24, 2018