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I always see Baruch listed as a target for back office but if you're a great student can you land a FO position? Is there OCR for FO at Baruch?

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Dec 7, 2019 - 12:16pm

I saw a fairly old thread about this but the consensus seemed to be no, but that given it's location it's possible to network into one

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Dec 12, 2019 - 5:18pm

As a Baruch alumni I would not do it again if I could go back. The counter argument always is that most of the time you can get a degree for little or nothing out of pocket. MBA is still a steal of course.

Now lets break it down into three categories that you can break schools down by when choosing: Education, recruiting, and alumni network.

Education: The education is great and I was stunned when I saw my friends' coursework at NYU and noticed it was much easier than Baruch's. With that being said no one cares who is smarter if most Baruch students end up doing internships at WM firms and NYU at IB.

Recruiting: The fact of the matter is Baruch will not provide you with a network or real tools to help you in recruiting you will need to do that all on your own, I remember walking into the career office and asking them what positions they had for the on-campus recruiting event and I remember a service analyst at Goldman being one of the 2 positions they had.

Alumni network: The alumni network is horrible as you will rarely find ones who will help you (most think why should they help you get there when no one else helped them). I actually once interviewed with a fellow Baruch graduate who was the associate and I got grilled harder by him than the director who was an NYU graduate (you can argue he was trying to make sure i knew what i was talking about to not ruin the reputation of the school but he was asking me questions to trip me up without relevance to the position). Also most of the students these days are Chinese students on visas and not many NY crowd like in the past that used to maintain the alumni network well. One thing also that many complain about is most of the Asian students who land jobs in IB do not even bother supporting the network at all and there is no sense of brotherhood like there is with NYU, Columbia, and other target school. I mean even Ohio state has a really good network and I have seen other pull each other up. Just really sad Baruch is not like that at all.

Anyway I hope that helps. I would suggest even doing 2 years at Baruch and then transfer to NYU if you want to save yourself from paying for 4 years of private education.

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