Hi all,

I'm starting full-time as an associate (S&T) at a bank early June. (If you are starting in July, I can probably scrape by with the expectation that you will move in beginning of July). I am a single male in his mid 20s. Studio rent is looking pretty steep in the $2500-$3000 range (and inventory is thin), while 1BR rent is looking much more reasonable at around $3000-$3500.

I'm looking for a single (as in one person) roommate for a 1BR June lease in Battery Park (buildings such as Tribeca Pointe, 22 River Terrace, Liberty Court, Riverwatch, etc.). My price range is between $1500-$2000.

I prefer a serene living environment, so ideally, you would be a non-smoker/minimal drinker, clean/organized, do minimal cooking, keep regular sleeping hours, and keep any social life out of the house (no pets, no significant others, but music is fine).

If this sounds like it might work for you, or you know someone else who is looking for a roommate, please PM me.


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I just looked at this since I'm moving in July (most likely have roommates though and most likely not in battery park) but aren't you being a little to picky by saying "no significant others"? I mean, if you get a girlfriend, you really don't think it's okay to have her over at all? Or are you just saying women can't live there?

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