BB IB Sales -> MBA -> MBB Associate


here is the career i had in mind

bb ib sales -> mba -> mbb associate -> industry

few questions regarding this;

a) is it even possible? how are sales exit ops? (main reason i don't want to do trading is because i don't want to still be a slave to the financial markets at 35 with a family and such)
b) i am australian, how competitive am i to get a grad place in london/nyc (good experience [brand name internships], top5 aussie uni)?
c) obviously hk completes the "big three" and i would love to work there, but is it at all possible without speaking chinese?
d) if i start my career in sydney, what are my chances of internal transfer, or any transfer, to london/nyc?
e) there is very limited info on ib sales online, especially compared to m&a - any good websites/blogs/etc?

basically the idea behind my plan is that i can go hard and earn money in finance whilst i'm still relatively young, work as a strategy consultant for a few years as i grow older (don't mind travel), then settle into industry for a more stable lifestyle

i realise m&a would probably be better for part 1, but i simply can't imagine staring at excel 90 hours a week for 2 years.

i welcome all input/analysis

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