BB MO or Top Tier Chinese S&T?

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Hey guys, I am recently struggling between the offers of an FT MO position from one of the BB and an FT S&T offer from a top tier Chinese investment bank. Any suggestions on that?

FYI, HK office and base salaries are similar. Cheers :)

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Feb 7, 2019

S&T... People see the word "bulge bracket" and start drooling. Who cares about the brand name? I see traders from Wells Fargo going to JP Morgan or GS all the time. I mean yeah, brand name is important but you've just mentioned it was a top Chinese bank anyway so why the doubt?

MO can be pretty secured like for example if you're a sales trader assistant and talking and servicing clients from hedge funds, pensions and etc and possibly move to a sales trader or sales role which I've seen happened many times at Barclays. One guy was a rates trader assistant doing MO/operational bs and got hired by a smaller bank to become a junior rates trader... At the end of the day, MO are over glorified back office because I've been there. But front office has more respect for you because you will be sitting on the floor and they will always need you if shit hits the fan, so you will build connections directly with FO.

Feb 7, 2019

Thanks for the reply... I am just concerned as people keep mentioning the difficulty of jumping back to other firms (i.e. US/Euro whatever) from a Chinese bank as the cultures are pretty different, though I don't mind staying as long as the people and pay are okay.

Btw, given that I'm under FI trading, is there any particular desk that is "better" than others? as I heard that Credit should worth trying.

Feb 7, 2019

take the chinese bank. if this is your only choice, then this is a no brainer.

just google're welcome