Big 4 ---> Boutique Strategy - Should I do it?

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Hi folks,

I am facing a major dilemma in these days. I've been working at a Big 4's management consulting arm for the past year. Although I am not in their strategy group, I've had decent opportunities where I worked in strategy projects with their strategy arm (think of Parthenon, Strategy& and Monitor). I have great connections there but they all tell me that transferring internally from MC to strategy is actually a difficult process.

Coming from a top 10 school, I want to pursue my dream to get into a M7 MBA. For this, I want to brand myself as a strategy consultant. That is why I am in talks with a few boutique strategy consulting firms (think of OC&C, Keystone, Marakon) that hire smart, driven people from top schools. My biggest concern is that they do not have the brand name Big 4 has. And there is always this uncertainty associated with small companies. But again, they seem to have great exit ops to b-school and that's where I want to be in two years.

Given that it has only been a year, should I make such a bold move? Am I jeopardizing a career that is going smoothly? What should I do?

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Sep 20, 2015

People who matter will know the quality of a good boutique.

I'm in the process of transferring internally at big 4 and honestly they make it seem like it'd be easier to go external.

How has your performance been? If your going to be formally recognised as a top performer in performance reviews that will help. It's tough because everyone is trying to get into strategy so make sure everything lines up to make you stand out; top rated, experience on strategy jobs, friendly with juniors, respected by seniors.

Sep 23, 2015

Not sure how reviews would affect the internal transfer but they always make it seem difficult.

Sep 22, 2015