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I am currently a college student looking for a summer internship. My school is not a target for IB or MBB but is highly recruited by every Big 4 firm for consulting.

My goal is to go to a top MBA program and then go into Private Equity or possibly Big 3 consulting.

As somebody with no hooks (white, male, no legacy, etc.), is getting a very high gpa and a very high GMAT along with being successful in a big 4 consulting program such as Deloitte S&O good enough for top 10 MBA programs? Or, would it be worth it to transfer to a better school for IB and take out loans around 60k if my goal is to go to a top grad school and land a job in PE or MBB?

Any insight would be great, thanks!

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Aug 12, 2019

Both of them are valid trajectories to get into a top 10 MBA program. However, if you are aiming for PE after your MBA, just with Big4 consulting it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

So Big4 Consulting -> Top 10 MBA -> MBB - very doable.
Big4 Consulting -> Top 10 MBA -> PE - almost impossible.
Transfer to IB target -> IB internship -> IB -> PE (with or without MBA - doable)

One thing, are you going to be able to transfer in time for IB internship applications? If not, you could also try to network your way to an IB role from your non-target, if you main goal is PE down the line.

And another point. Generally, I advise students to get into the highest ranked college or MBA they can get into, even if they need to take debt (assuming they can get a good paying professional job after). Whilst you can pay back the loan in several years, the school brand and the network you get stays with you forever.

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Aug 12, 2019

Thank you so much! And I would transfer as a second semester sophomore so I think that should be in time for IB internship applications?

Aug 26, 2019