Hi guys.

I am slowing coming to an end of my studies and I am looking for some temporary job to do untill I graduate. I aim at an equity hedge fund/AM upon graduation. I managed to secure 4 offers (described below). I am investing with my personal money and I am writing my own investment reports, so I try to seek employment in places where I can get experience not provided by my personal 'equity research'.

Location: Eastern Europe
Experience so far: 2x PE internship; 1x mutual fund internship, 1x MBB internship

Opportunities to choose from:
1) Capital Transformation (Transaction Services) at a BIG4 company
2) Trade Finance at a British startup with an office in my country (quite big ownership, basically the job is about holistic, qualitative to quantitative financial assessment of companies to which trade credit will or will not be extended)
3) Strategy Consulting at a Boutique Consulting company (they have only one office, it's a company from my country)
4) Real Estate Asset Management for one of the biggest hotel holdings in Europe, working closely with the company's board

I lean towards the Trade Finance or Real Estate role. The minus of the Trade Finance is that it might make me look like a 'credit guy' (and I want to do equity), but the RE on the other hand might make me associated with real estate, which is another thing, other than typical public equity.

I will appreciate any advice.

PS No, I did not manage to secure any offers from AM/HF because in my country this industry is 1) Quite small, 2) Almost nobody is into at least a neighbourhood of value investing, which I prefer.


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