Blackrock Client Portfolio Solutions (CPS) - Thoughts on Comp?

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CPS is a new group at BK focusing on building model portfolios (I know there are similar groups like this on the street, e.g., GSAM GPS) and serve as an outsourced CIO. A friend from BK referred me to a VP position in Strategy & Business Development. Link:
Any idea what comp would generally look like? I would think VP position would be ~$190k base / $60k bonus but I could be way off here. Any thoughts from those at BK?

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Apr 2, 2018

Sounds like they re-named a function within the BlackRock Client Solutions team... Pretty sure that involved the outsourced CIO. Maybe check what that group paid?

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Oct 19, 2018

Yes, this group used to be Client Solutions, which offers bespoke investment services for FIG, pension, charity and endowment clients, aka OCIO. Client Solutions used to sit in the BlackRock Solutions business, but is now under the Multi-Asset Strategies investment pillar rebranded as CPS. CPS has a fiduciary responsibility to their clients and has to advise assets to the best investment products, from a cost and performance perspective. BLK OCIO clients gets access to discounted products, but investment into external manager products is also common. Personally, I think this an interesting area of the firm and is considered a strategic growth area, which is never a bad place to be in. I would also say that the leaders in this group are intense and is not for everybody.

BLK is generally on the lower end from a comp perspective because they have the advantage of being a large brand name shop, UNLESS you're a portfolio manager or other critical revenue generating role. Although CPS is revenue generating, the role you're looking at isn't. I'd say it would most likely range from $120-$160k base and maybe 50%+ bonus.

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May 26, 2019

Can I Ask how it turned out, and if you joined, would you recommend joining the budapest team as an innovation Quant?

Aug 11, 2019