BlackRock vs UBS vs Goldman Sachs

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Hello dear community :)

I recently finished my Master's and I always thought that I would have figured out what I wanted in life by then...but that's not 100% the case. Here is the thing: I am very grateful to have three Job opportunities and I am now reaching out for the wisdom of the crowd:

  • BlackRock - Aladdin Client Services (ACS) - Edinburgh
  • UBS - Equity Derivatives Distribution - Zurich
  • Goldman Sachs - Operations - Warsaw

The first two offers resulted from internships I have been doing in the last year; so I know what to expect and what not: ACS at BLK is the technical support funtion of BLK Solutions to handle Client complaints (call Center-vibe) while at UBS I'd be doing an Operation-like Business Management funtion. Goldman Sachs is pure Operations (Asset Servicing).

Has anyone been employed by the above companies or even worked in one of the divisions? I am very thankful for every insight; also 3rd hand Knowledge welcome!

Cheers, Igor

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Feb 27, 2020
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