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To those that have to keep track of 50+ names, how do you have your Bloomberg news alerts set up?

Do you just keep the default options (Bberg selected sources for all tickers) and accept getting upwards of 1k emails daily?

This is a pretty specific question but feel free to share other ways you've found to be most efficient on the job (mostly targeted at multi-manager folks w/ long coverage lists).

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Sep 12, 2019

Here are two things I do

- here I have a news alert which is dynamic. It ties to two composite portfolios that I manage. It tracks only the existing holdings for news alerts. These alerts push through to my Bloomberg app on the iPhone and are set for pop up delivery on my terminal. This way it comes up when it's just windows or in launchpad. You can set a few different searches into the pop up and decide what goes to the app as well. Very useful for high priority items.
- Total equities about 50-75, global.

Launchpad news panel
- this is, obviously, specific to launchpad when I have it loaded at my office.
- Set the criteria to whatever the source is that you want. I used a master watchlist which is the investment universe. About 250+ names. Global. Obviously some overlap with the NLRT pop up window, but I'm fine with that since pop will always catch my eye. This doesn't need to pop up.

As for emails... I hate emails and rarely ever check Bloomberg messages.

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Sep 14, 2019