Business Development vs GS Technology

Hey guys, I have 2 offers (Graduating Senior) and need a little help on Pro's and Cons for exit opps, b-school, etc.

Goldman Sachs Technology Division-- Software Developer
Renewable Energy Solar Company-- Business Development (Small, more startup culture, yet heavily funded and invested)

Obviously, they are extremely different roles. The Business Development team is brand new at the renewable energy company and I would be one of the first employees. I would have a direct impact on bottom-line revenue as well. It might be kool-aid, but my manager already told me that he foresees me being a manager in a year as the division grows.

I like the people, culture, and company better at the Renewable Energy company, but I'm nervous about losing the brand value of GS. Also the solar company is going through an acquisition, which always scares me a little (scared they might scrap our division or something). I've interned at both, and overall enjoy the solar company more thus far.

Thoughts/insights on career path, exit-opps, b school?

Thank you so much.

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Sep 8, 2015 - 3:41pm

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